"When I Dream !"
Last Update - 06/05/19

When we dream,   we dream of a world where humans no longer heartlessly destroy the beauty that Nature creates.
Please, Help us make our dream become a reality.

Found an orphaned baby??
Then immediately contact the nearest Rehabilitator, Vet, or Dept. of Natural Resources for help.... Do Not Delay.... The longer you wait, the less chance the baby has of surviving... Never to care for babies, without help.  Though Dixie and I don't do birds, we can't say no either.  So, here are some of the little extras we've seen this season.

Who says we got bats in our attic? - No, we really don't.  This is one of four baby bats that were brought to us along with their mother.  In the wild, mother bats often have more babies than they can care for.  Sadly, the mother must make a choice, desert some or all of the babies or die.  This mother was so weak, she was unable to care for any of her babies and when given the opportunity, she deserted them all.  Unfortunately, we were unable to keep them alive and lost all four.
I'm so blue, I could just cry.- This is the season for many birds to have babies learning to fly.  Most will fall from the nest and take up residence in shrubs and bushes.  Mother's feed them till they finish learning how to fly and are able to make it on their own.
Well, what do ya think of me now?- Unfortunately, as is the case of "BJ" here, these babies are at risk of becoming a meal for a cat or being pestered by children.   If this is not the case, please leave baby birds alone and let mother finish her job.  She's far better at it than us.

Ever hear the story of the Ugly Duckling? - Well, this is definitely not going to grow up to be a Beautiful Swan.   Most likely, it'll be a mocking bird.  This one had a sibling that didn't make it.   WE'RE keeping our fingers crossed for this one.
Anybody got a napkin?- We've never seen one like this before.  Best guess is a Cow Bird.
OK  Those flowers make it feel just like home. - This pair of Brown Thrush, came in from different places but are very close to the same age.

Would someone please let me off this ride, I'm startin to feel a little sick. - No, it's not green cause it's sick, that's it natural color.  This Green Heron, was brought to us too late.  It was extremely dehydrated and died before we could get it's fluids back up.
My, my, this is a warm hand. - Flicka, is a Flicker Woodpecker. She had a brief encounter with a cat but healed and was released back into the wild.   Such a beautiful bird and when she lowered her head to look down, the red patch on the back of her neck looked like a heart.

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