"When I Dream !"
Last Update - 06/05/19

When we dream,   we dream of a world where humans no longer heartlessly destroy the beauty that Nature creates.
Please, Help us make our dream a reality.

Found an orphaned baby Opossum??
Then immediately contact the nearest Rehabilitator, Vet, or Dept. of Natural Resources for help.... Do Not Delay.... The longer you wait, the less chance the baby has of surviving... If you've never successfully raised Opossums before, DON'T try to care for babies, without help.

Who you callin Dumbo ? - No, it's not a '49 Ford with the doors open..  But it is 63 Grams of the sweetest, and the meanest little critter you'll ever come across.  He and his seven siblings were orphaned when a man shot their mother.
I told you to stop callin me names!!- Yes, they will bite.   Fortunately, at this age, they don't have the jaw strength to do much damage.   Wouldn't you want to bite something if your mother got shot.   But it's OK, the guy had a "Good" reason.
If we just had one more to put on top, we'd be outta here. - Yea, the man that shot their mother had a real good reason alright.   Seems she was eating out of the cat's food bowl that he put on the back porch.   At least his wife was kind enough to bring them to us.   And to think, some folks call opossums stupid.

I dunno, do you really think she's gonna pay us for this new hair do? - Well, it's not Mama,   but it's close enough to get by.   At this age, a baby opossum's survival depends on its ability to get on mother's back and hold on.
Look everybody, Mickey's standing on his head again !!- Road kill survivors.   Humans kill many opossums each day on our highways and never give a second thought to the fact that it may be a mother carrying babies.   Now and then, a warm hearted person will stop and pick up the babies.
OK  Mac, roll me off a little bit more.- Mother Road Killed or Hit -By-Car, accounts for the majority of our 60-100 orphans each year.   Please, next time you see an opossum on the road,   just give her a few seconds of your time and let her live.   Her babies will thank you, and so will we.

The latest stream lined "Fast Back" version in opossums. -Should there be any doubt in your mind, this guy is not happy.   Now would not be a good time to be puttin a finger within reach of his teeth.

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