"When I Dream !"
Last Update - 06/05/19

When we dream,   we dream of a world where humans no longer heartlessly destroy the beauty that Nature creates.
Please, Help us make our dream a reality.

Found an orphaned baby Raccoon??
Then immediately contact the nearest Rehabilitator, Vet, or Dept. of Natural Resources for help.... Do Not Delay.... The longer you wait, the less chance the baby has of surviving... If you've never successfully raised Raccoons before, DON'T try to care for babies, without help.

Gosh Bat Man, Look at all those Masked Bandits ! - Yea Robin, must be 20 or more, and with Joker in the bunch, you know they're up to no good.    We named these two Bat Man and Robin because, if you look close, the bigger one has a mask that resembles a Bat.   OBTW, though bigger, he's the younger of the two.

Just goes to show, the Caped Duo can't count ! - Yep, Joker's right.   There's actually 47 of those little bandits running around the Nursery.   Here, Dixie demonstrates how we train some of them to nurse a bottle.   That's right, not all kits know how to nurse a bottle.

May 00
It's about time you got that hand off my snout !- Once they get the hang of holding on to the bottle, we don't have to guide them anymore.   From then on, don't get between them and the bottle.

May 00

Look at all the bottles someone hid under this blanket! - Of course, for a while, they kinda tend to push them off the bed.   We found if you wrap them up in a blanket, they can't push them quite as fast.

June 00
Don't even think about taking this bottle ! - It's only a short week, or two, till they learn to hold on to the bottle all alone.   With their, delicate, hand like front feet and strong back legs, it a grip that any man would be proud to have.

Ahhhh, now this is the life! - With the formula flowing freely, they quickly relax and get into the feeding mood.   Glazed over eyes are a dead give away that the bottle will soon be empty.


Bet I can bite harder than you! - Once feeding and the bathroom duties are over, play time commences.   At least it's play time for them.   Of course Hide and Seek is their favorite, since that's what it is come bed time..  They Hide and We Seek.


Extra, Extra, Read All About It !!!

Emerald City Gets New Tenants !!

Are you diggin to China ??- The next step in preparing our orphans for their day to return to the wild, is to move them into Emerald City (our pre release pen).  EC is complete with an out side play pen where the kit can romp and get plenty of sunshine.

Wow, this is one heavy set of dumb bells.   It takes two to pick 'em up.- Fresh pine chip and lots of toys keep them occupied.  At least for a short time since they have a very short attention span.   Just like all kids...

July, 00

Recognize this pose ?? - Yep, that's Bobbie from the 1999 Nursery.   Though she's been released, she still spends most of her time in Em. City.   Seems she likes Arnie's company, and as you can see by her "Wide" body, she likes the food too.

Hey Bobbie, look what I found. A shoe!!- When new kits are introduced to EM. City, Bobbie greets them all with a snarl and a nip or two to put them in their place.   Of course, she never hurts any of them seriously and soon plays with each as though they've been friends for ever.  And when we put over 20 in at once, Lord knows Arnie needs the help with baby sitting duties.

OK, who's got the matches?   This guy's in for a hot foot.- Anything and anybody that enters Em.City must be prepared to become a toy.   That's just the facts of life.  Think I'll add a sign, "Enter At Own Risk".


WARNING !!The following pictures contain material that may be disturbing to some.
No Laughing Matter . - There's nothing funny about this.  This is the results of the actions of a lazy human.  This 14 week old baby had it's foot stuck in a Lipton Iced Tea can that had been discarded by someone.  Unfortunately, his front foot had the circulation cut off too long and the foot could not be saved.

He will survive.- Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Lenni Ellis, of Creatures-R-Us on Hilton Head Island, and the help of a caring Vet, this little one will live and be released.  Without the burden of the aluminum can, he will at least be able to survive in the wild.  Please, take just one minute out of your life to properly dispose of aluminum cans.   That one minute could prevent such a travesty...

As dangerous as it is ugly. - A simple aluminum can discarded by a human, transforms into a dangerous and crippling weapon.   This one was removed from the front leg of the second raccoon we've seen this month with a can stuck on a foot.   To the natural curiosity of a Raccoon, the hole in the top of a can is an opening to the secrets held within.

We saved the foot.- Fortunately, we were able to save the foot of this year old male.  The cut went to the bone in places, but the amazing healing power of the Raccoon will soon erase most of this wound.  He'll probably never get 100% of the original movement of the foot again, but at least it'll be there to help him survive when we release him back into the wild.


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