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Dedicated In Loving Memory To:

(aka Arnold Swartzacoon)

Oct,1997 - Feb,2002

Gone from this earth, but Never from our hearts!

We open this season's nursery on a very sad note.  After almost five years as role model,  baby sitter,  and play mate to our young raccoons, and for the last two years a constant companion for Dixie and I, Arnie passed from this earth.  On February 10th, he failed to make it through one the seizures he periodically experienced.  Though he received constant medication which helped control them, the seizures continued throughout his life and were a result of the head injury he received from an abusive human when he was just a kit.

Another warm winter has this seasons Orphans running a full month ahead of schedule.   This, combined with the ever increasing developement in our area, means a long and busy season for this years Nursery.

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Though they look cute and cuddly, Wild creatures should NEVER be considered as prospective Pets.  All of the babies on this page will be released back into the Wild when they reach a point where they can survive on their own.  Though this is not always easy emotionally, it IS the ONLY way to care for Wild Creatures.

Even though we include the above statement on all our Nursery pages, over the past year, we've received many E-mails asking us to give away,  or sell,  wild animals for pets.   This is something we will NOT consider, so please,  don't ask.

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Dixie and I would like to express our appreciation to those kind people who found these orphans and took the time to find us. Because of your efforts, these babies of Nature will have a fighting chance to survive.

If you find an orphaned or injured wild creature, and you have enough love in your heart to help, please 1st be very careful not to injure the animal further, protect yourself from scratches and bites, seek out a WildLife Rehabilitators, Veterinarian, The Department Of Natural Resources, or if all else fails, call the State Wildlife Department.

WildLife Rehabilitators generally specialize in one or two types of creatures. Please follow this link to my list of WildLife Contacts that can help you.

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