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CATS, CATS, more Cats, and a ton of fur everywhere. Big ones, little ones, pretty ones, and even some Ugly ones. Since we seem to keep around a dozen cats all the time, this page would well exceed my WEB space limitations if I tried to dedicate a special page to each one. I've dedicated a page to the Memory of our friends that have shared, what seems like, such a short time with us over the past thirty or so years. If you love cats as much as we do, you won't be sorry. We aren't real picky about our cats. We have a variety that ranges from Show-Cat-Wanna-Be, to the old hard, battle scarred, ragged out, barn cats. But you know, we love'em all. Each and every one has it's own special story. Dixie and I hope you enjoy your visit.
Please take a moment to visit our  Memories Page   to see the story of the cats we've had over the years.

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