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As a Tax Exempt, Charitable, Non-Profit organization, Little Friends Wildlife Center now relies heavily on the kindness and generosity of good hearted individuals and businesses. Without donations, we could not continue our effort to save injured and orphaned wildlife which has been displaced by man's expansion and destruction of wildlife habitat. We list here, under our Angels, those individuals and businesses that have so kindly contributed. On the other hand, we list here under the Scrooges, those who have declined to contribute. We hope when it comes time to spend your hard earned money, you'll give due consideration to the businesses listed below. We encourage you to shop with those who return a portion of their profits to deserving charities and the community that support them.
From Tom, Dixie, and All Our Little Friends

We Dedicate This Space To a VERY Special Angel
      Mr. David Clark   
David is our local Little Debbie Sales Representative. Since 2001, he has been a generous supporter of our wildlife efforts.
Without him, our many little friends would not have their favorite treats. So, when that sweet tooth of yours acts up,
PLEASE, visit the Little Debbie shelves and displays in your local stores.
Pick up an extra box of Non-Chocolate treats to share with your back yard wildlife.

Angels 2002
Dee Gonzalez
Kathleen Hall  
Jennifer Pender
Martha Ranches
Gordon & Sharon Rowell
Beth Smith - In Memory of Arnie
Scrooges 2002
MCI Herritage Foundation

Want to get off our Scrooges List??   Write me at
and we'll gladly accept your contribution.
Angels 2001 Scrooges 2001
Jesse Altman, Jr.
Martha Banches
Lynn Baranowski
In Memory of Tennie Callen
Kodak, Professional Division
Shannon Barrett Xerox Corp.
Beaufort Humane Association Hargray Telephone Co.
Rene Benton FujiFilm, U.S.A.
Paula & Carl Berube Nikon, Digital Imaging
Judy & Ronald Bloss
Ann Carson
David Clark - Little Debbies
Lynn Corliss
Wendy Duggan
Entenman's Bakery
Linda Fisk
Joan Fort
Shirley Galloway
Kathleen Hall  
Greg Hicks
Susan Hilfer
Jean Hollister
Chuck & Linda Kimball
Matt Pearce
Jennifer Pender
Linda Peters
JP & Joe Robuck
Judith Rhodes
David Russell
Ellen Sheridan
Beth Smith
Jennifer Smith
Ann Sommerville
Charles Truax
Wal-Mart, Beaufort

Want to get off our Scrooges List??   Write me at
and we'll gladly accept your contribution.
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