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We do not receive any Federal or State Funding support.  All medication, food, Vet, bedding, housing, and any additional cost comes out of our family budget and donation from the public.

Ok, so you have a little money to spare and want an easy way to get it to us..??  Then here's a secure link where you can use your Credit Card to contribute on-line.  Use this link and all but a small processing fee of your donation goes directly to support our efforts.


Of course, we'll gladly except your checks as well.  Make them payable to Little Friends Wildlife Center  and they can be mailed to us at the following address:

Little Friends Wildlife Center
c/o Thomas R. Stevenson
17 Tanglewood Dr.
Beaufort, S.C. 29902

All donation to LFWC are tax deductible.

A warm Hearted Thank You to my big sister for her Much Appreciated Donation of a working washer and dryer.

Have some time to spare?  Have a warm spot in your heart for animals?   Think you have what it takes to become a Wildlife Rehabilitator?   Then contact us at the following number:

(843) 812-0168

There's always room for one more, and we "Need" the help.

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