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Well, if you've been bouncing around my site, you're probably beginning to wonder where it all ends.....??? If I ever find the end, I'll let you know... Seems we've always got some of Mother Nature's babies in our lives... Squirrels catch pure hell during the stormy season. Wind and rain seem to keep a nest blown down somewhere. Since squirrels can have two litters each year, we see them both in the spring and late summer. Though I wish we had a 100% success rate, unfortunately we don't save them all.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of our success stories. Each one brings back many hour of joy and pleasure for Dixie and I.....OBTW, if you haven't already, visit the Nursery to see this years babies.

Squirrel On the Barbie OK, Where's the pecans? Corn, Corn, I smell Corn. And a Fine lookin young man I am!"
Hey, the bottle's empty Get another one. Oops, What fell??? Uh Oh, I think I'm in trouble.. That Cheese Cheetah cat's got nothin on me..
I'm not gettin out till you feed me. I'm gettin tired of suckin this bottle.

Born free, Shorty, broke his tail when he fell from his nest.    Because of the his injury, he lost about two inches off the end of his tail.   Therefore, he's now know as Shorty Shorty is one of our success stories of the 1998 season.   Though completely free to come and go as he pleases, he visits our deck daily.   He expects a hand out and it better be a pecan if you know what's good for you.

- May 1999 -
Wow, you look like you just saw a ghost....  Snowy is one of our rarest treats..  He's a beautiful albino Flying Squirrel that came to use last season after he was attacked by a cat.  As you can see, he has fully recovered from his injuries.  Without his natural colors, he will be an easy target for predators. Snowy is extremely shy which makes it very difficult to get pictures of him.  The flash of the Camera puts fire in his eyes but, without it , you'd never get a chance to see him..  Now the senior of the flyers, he snuggles right down with the new arrivals and shows them the ropes.
August,  2000
Farewell To Our Little Friend !
For reasons unknown and to our great sorrow, we lost Snowy.  He was a real joy to us and though his life was seemingly far too short, we like to think that he lived a happy life while in our care.  We will miss him, but he will always have a place in our hearts and memories.

More Flyers
Hey, Can't you see I'm trying to sleep here???  Nocturnal critters they are..  Flying Squirrels aren't frequently seen by humans.  Some people don't even realize they exist.  This is one of Snowy's newest friends. Alright already, I'll prove I can fly right after I finish this nut.   That is unless you got another one.....  They love their treats and have packed the nest boxes full of them...

Southeastern Grays From The Class of 2000
Birds?  I don't see any birds.  Well I guess not, you ran them all off. Actually, the birds and squirrels happily share the feeders in our yard. If I only had a bag, I could carry all these seeds home.   Vee, is our most spoiled squirrel.  Though he's been released for many months, he still stays close and expects those handouts.  Oh, why Vee?  Well a close encounter with a cat cost him the end of his tail, so now his tail ends in a 'V'.

Are you sure he's my brother??-   The 2001 squirrel season really started off with a treat.  High winds of a thunderstorm knocked down the tree this pair's mother was using for her nest.
02 April, 01
Now that storm really scared me!!-  Scared snow white alright.  A true albino and a rare treat, this boy doesn't look much like his sister.   Unfortunately, both suffer from something that is causing them to be very unstable on their feet.   So far, they haven't responded to any treatment, but hopefully with time, they will recover.
02 April, 01

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